What do I use to do what I do?

I posted about my software toolbox a while ago. Now I can see what I use and how I divide my time between applications both at home and work using Wakoopa. I can also read reviews and discover other great pieces of software that other people use.

It’s apparent that my workflow is a little disparate but things are looking up (on the Mac front at least) with Coda. One of my colleagues had been beta-testing this for a while and teasingly promising us “something fantastic” but giving nothing else away. Anyway, a few weeks ago it was released so I downloaded and installed for a play and it blew me away. It then totally nuked itself half-way through my demo period. I mean really fsked things up. I had to repair my hard drive for the first time ever (which scared me a little) and Automator won’t open anymore (although to be fair, I don’t know if this is related or not).

A new release of Coda has been made available which hopefully fixed whatever it was that caused my problem in the old version. It looks like I’ll may be using skEdit less and less.

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