Spring cleaning

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks clearing through roughly 10,000 emails which adds up to more than 1.5Gb accumulated from over three years of borderline obsessive pack-ratting. Next up is categorising my blog posts and rating and tagging over 3,000 songs and a similar amount of photos.

Meta information is becoming more and more important and, by extension, useful to me. Finding things quickly is just one outcome. Being able to put together auto-updating Smart Playlists in iTunes (for example, 20 songs that I’ve rated with five stars but not listened to in six months) or Smart Albums in iPhoto (again, as an example, family pictures from Christmas) are simple examples of what can be achieved but using these in conjunction with Automator can really demonstrate the power of meta information.

Of course, it’s a lot easier if you’re disciplined and keep on top of things!

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