My toolkit

I’ve been scouring the blogs over the past few days trying to see what I missed at Refresh Edinburgh last week. One thing that caught my eye was a link to Meri Williams and her essential toolkit for a web developer. As it turned out this was more to do with project management than the software slant I first expected.

While I could make do with just a shell prompt and my wits, there are obviously oodles of programs out there to make my day-to-day life easier.

Chained to a PC in the office I use:

When at home and playing my MBP:

  • SvnX to access the Subversion repositories in the office
  • skEdit as my editor of choice
  • Transmit to make up for the deficiencies in the aforementioned text editor
  • Seashore for my relatively basic image manipulation requirements

Of course I’m definitely not saying that either of these combinations are anywhere near perfect, but they work for me at this moment in time. I find that the emotional attachment to software some people can forge is very strange to say the least. I’ve noticed this ever since the full-blown religious wars erupted at university over the merits of emacs, pico and vi.

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