Hype, hysteria, panic, propaganda and lies

Last night I watched The Great Global Warming Swindle on Channel 4 which I’ve been looking forward to all week. I’ve been waiting for something to follow up the points raised in the novel State of Fear without the inconvenience of being tied to a plot. Despite the questionable advisability of pissing Michael Crichton off there was the inevitable shooting down and point-blank refusal of the ideas presented in his book.

The whole mankind CO2 climate change argument has been presented like a Michael Moore documentary: dangerously one-sided and dismissive of any evidence to the contrary. Hijacked by the neo-Marxist, anti-globalisation brigade it has been repeatedly drilled into us by the mainstream media until it’s automatically simply true.

Since finishing the QI book (based on the brilliant BBC television series of the same name) I’ve started to notice just how many things that are part of an assumed collective wisdom are just plain wrong.

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