Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus

Or “Happy St Davids day” to you those of you that don’t speak Welsh. Not only was today the celebration of the Welsh patron saint but more relevantly, I had my second birthday of the year today – 11,000 days old. Putting in that way makes me feel ancient!

I’m not quite in the grumpy old man stage yet but I have noticed that I’m suffering fools less gladly and more and more things annoy me. I’ve heard it said that a man is the size of the things that annoy him but I no longer class these things as mere niggles: fat people on escalators, umbrellas up when it’s not raining, pressing the pedestrian crossing button when it’s already lit, the phrase “New and improved” . . . I could go on but – to save my sanity – I won’t.

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