“Happy birthday to me…” ♫

I just can’t understand how people can get hung-up on a “big” birthday. Okay, so it’s my 30th birthday but to me, it’s just another number. Like 40 or 50. Maybe some people equate another year gone by as counting as part of their allocation and they haven’t achieved everything they wanted to just yet? I don’t know.

Apple summed up my sentiments pretty well last week prior to the start of MWSF.

Apple.com screen grab

I’m thinking about having more birthdays, kind of like the Queen. Not only are they a good excuse for a party but it has been statistically proven that they are actually beneficial for your health too. Yes, people who have more birthdays live longer . . .

My next birthday will be on the 1st of March this year when I shall reach the ripe old age of 11,000 days!

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