Let the train take the strain?

I took the train back to Edinburgh yesterday after spending Christmas back at home with my mum, brother and sister-in-law. This journey turned out to be one of the worst trips I’ve made. The train to York was late arriving (as usual) but this was of no consequence as the connection was even later (as usual).

The train stopped for 15 minutes for some reason or other and just before Newcastle it was announced that the rear wheels had developed a fault and as a result, our speed would be limited to 50 miles per hour for our safety. Despite being reassured that there was no reason to switch trains at Newcastle the train ground to a halt a second time to allow later trains to pass.

A new announcement informed us that the unfortunate people traveling past Edinburgh would be moved onto buses as there has been a fatality on the Forth Rail bridge.

In total we arrived into Edinburgh Waverley three hours late as half of the stations signals had developed faults. But things having been put in perspective, I guess being late isn’t the worst thing in the World.

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