June: No Waste

Ever since my young daughter was toilet trained I’ve noticed that I don’t throw all that much away any more.

I’m wondering if I can cut out all waste destined for landfill completely for the next 30 days.

April: No Cash

This month I’ll be attempting to not spend any cash. Obviously I’ll still exchange money for goods and services but I’m hoping to see just how viable it is to go cashless. I certainly expect it to be a lot easier than the same experiment would have been even a few years ago.

I’m already a bit like the Queen (that’s the not a) in that I don’t really do cash.

March: Shopping Independently

I don’t mean “independent” as in going to the shops all by myself — I’ve been doing that for quite a while now along with dressing myself and packing my own bags when I travel.

Edinburgh is blessed with a multitude of fantastic independent shops; the city is fortunate to have them. Like a lot of people, I think I’m guilty of overlooking them in the name of convenience a little too often.

This month, I’ll not be giving my custom to any chain shops or supermarkets.

First week down

So it’s Friday evening, my daughter is asleep (and will remain so for the next 14 hours on her current run of form), and it’s been a pretty full-on week at work. Usually I’d have already had a beer at my desk before leaving the office and would now be enjoying a glass of wine, gin and tonic or a Negroni. But tonight, nothing.

I don’t drink all that much — let me rephrase; all that frequently — these days. Most evenings are spent without any alcohol. Going a month won’t be any real hardship to be honest.

Last month I purchased a Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, mainly out of curiosity rather than concern. I wasn’t too surprised though to find that my blood pressure was on the higher side of normal.

I’ll be interested to see if this period of abstinence makes any difference.